Tpro Key

Workouts are structured in intervals. An interval has a movement and a protocol. A protocol is simply a work to rest ratio – written as – work (in seconds) X rest(in seconds).

A sample interval would be written like this:

8 int @ :20 X :10 = FLSQ

This would mean you are to perform 8 intervals of flying squat with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Sometimes you will see a group of intervals described like this :

8 int @ :20 x :10 = BRP + FLSQ

This indicates that you are to perform 8 intervals alternating between an interval of burpees and an interval of flying squats. Intervals [1,3,5,7] would be burpees and intervals [2,4,6,8] would be flying squats.


FLSQ : Flying Squat
JSQ : Jump Squat
BRP : Burpee with no pushup.
PUBRP : Burpee with a pushup.

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